Proconnect is the official web-pages of Procontra, a distinguished mens' society. The idea was first raised as a joke by Lars Kristian Gylver at the Procontra general assembly, 21 June 1995.

The Proconect committee started working on the web pages in January 1996. A selected group of "beta-testers" is invited to visit the pages between 15 April and approx. 15 June. Proconnect will not be made available to the general audience prior to some needed additions to the Procontra constitution. These matters will be discussed by the Procontra main assembly, summer 1996.

Sverre Reiten

Assistant editor:
Kjetil Karlsen

Assistant to the assistant editor:
Rune Flikke

You may also leave your message in the Procontra guest book.

Snail-mail adress:
Markveien 31
0554 Oslo

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