Norsk, takk!

A men's society with a capital m....

Oficially established the 12th of September 1991, Procontra is a socety that is distinguished, as well as higly elitist. The number of members is limited to seven, and our constitution establishes that this number is likely to remain unchanged.

We regret having had no capacity to develop a complete English version of Proconnect. At this stage, there is but a brief presentation of the seven Procontra members; the Procontra Photo Gallery; and PESS (the Procontra Encyclopedia of Silly Societies) aimed at the international market.

Subtleties are necessarily lost in the process of translation, so we strongly encourage Proconnect visitors to learn Norwegian, to be able to enjoy the original version of the Procontra web pages. Send us a mail, and we will provide you with information on intensive language classes at the University of Oslo summer school.

By the way, you are Proconnect visitor # [used to be a counter here] since 012596.