The Foundation

As documented in the Procontra photo gallery, we are an association of healthy and handsome young men. In addition - we have all had the privilege to choose professional careers according to our own taste and talents.

We are aware of our privileged position, and to demonstrate our social engagement (in the same fashion as Rockefeller, Ford, etc.), the first Procontra general assembly decided to establish the Procontra Foundation.

This philantropic foundation will one day support gifted (but slightly odd) young men and women, that have wonderful projects, but no money, and no prospects of ever getting economic support from Rockefeller, Rotary, etc.

Why "one day" - why not today? Briefly, because of shortage of capital. As by today, the inerests of our funds are so meager, we cannot yet grant candidates doantions & scholarships, no matter how worthy they are.

No need to say - these funds are "sacred" - there is no way this money, and the yearly interest, will ever be used but for the good purposes described in the general guideline above.

Do not hesitate to send your contribution. Each and every contributor will receive an official letter of gratitude (Proconthank you); and also be acknowledged at the Procontra list of honors. Make your international money order / international check payable to:

The Procontra Foundation c/o Gylver
Hallinggt. 4
0170 Oslo

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